Hong-zhi: Year 4, Month 8, Day 6

9 Sep 1491

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The Assistant Regional Commander of the Right and acting Assistant Regional Commissioner Mu Xiang, circuit defender of Jin-chi/Teng-chong, was dismissed and sent back to Yun-nan without a post.

Previously, the Gan-yai Pacification Commission native-official Diao Pa-kai (Alt: Dao Pa-kai) died. As Diao Pa-luo (Alt: Dao Pa-luo), the eldest grandson through the primary wife, was still a juvenile, Diao Pa-yu (Alt: Dao Pa-yu), the son of a secondary wife contended for the seal. They all went to lay plaint to Xiang, but Xiang's servants received bribes and covered the matter up. This led to Diao Pa-yu killing and plundering in the area. The Qian-guo Duke Mu Cong, grand defender and regional commander of Yun-nan, submitted an impeachment against Xiang, charging him with failure in defence and inciting rebellion. The Emperor ordered that Xiang provide his own version of the events.

At this time, the memorial admitting guilt arrived and accordingly this order was issued.

Xiao-zong: juan 54.1b-2a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 53, page 1052/53

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