Hong-zhi: Year 7, Month 11, Day 13

10 Dec 1494

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Previously, Si Die, a member of the ruling family of Meng-mi, again rebelled against Mu-bang. As the Mu-bang Pacification Superintendent Han Wa-fa had gone to Meng-nai Stockade to take a wife, Si Die made use of the opportunity to attack. He occupied 27 areas of Mu-bang's land and enticed the chieftains Gao Da-luo and Xin-man to surrender to him. Xin-man gathered troops for Si Die and blocked the roads. Han Wa-fa was thus unable to return and he stayed at Meng-nai Stockade for three years. Consequently, the Censor-in-Chief Zhang Gao, grand coordinator of Yun-nan, and others memorialized a joint proposal, and the Assistant Regional Commander Liu Yong, the Administration Vice Commissioner Mao Ke and the Surveillance Vice Commissioner Jing Mao were sent to Meng-mi to soothe and instruct them. Si Die still refused to accord. Therefore, the Administration Vice Commissioner Fang Shou, the Assistant commissioner Zhou Feng, the acting Assistant Commissioner Ma Xuan, the supervisor of grain rations and Assistant Administration Commissioner Huang Dong-shan, the Surveillance Vice Commissioner Zhao Jiong and the Assistant Regional Commissioner Dou Jun to supervise the three pacification commissions of Long-chuan, Nan Dian and Gan-yai in accumulating grain and opening up roads to show that an expeditionary force would indeed be proceeding. Further, the Han and native officials were all ordered to show their troops in order to demonstrate might. Gao Da-luo and so on heard of this, were frightened and returned their allegiance to Han Wa-fa, whereupon Si Die killed them. Han Wa-fa instructed people to deploy their native troops together with the yi troops from the three pacification commissions of Long-chuan and so on. When they reached Man-zhe Stockade, they jointly surrounded it. Si Die was frightened and withdrew his troops. The Mu-bang people subsequently welcomed Han Wa-fa back from Meng-nai Stockade. At this time, Gao and so on memorialized the events and said:

"The soothing and instructing officials have braved miasmic pestilence and gone through great dangers. It is requested that they be rewarded to encourage them in their achievements."

The Ministry of War proposed:

"Although Han Wa-fa has returned to Mu-bang, Si Die has not yet repented his mistakes or admitted his crimes. It is not yet known whether he will violate orders or accord with them, whether he will follow or disobey. If rewards are quickly issued, we are afraid that in future, yi calamities will be unending and this will harm the prestige of the country. It is requested that the defence officials be instructed to again send officials to personally go to that place, summon Si Die there and have him make a blood-oath covenant with Han Wa-fa, swearing that he will return all the land he has occupied, hand back all the rebel chieftains, be willing to inherit his father's post and not again start troubles. After that, the matter of achievements and rewards can be discussed."

This was approved.

Xiao-zong: juan 94.4b-5a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 55, page 1726/28

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