Jia-jing: Year 16, Month 8, Day 8

11 Sep 1537

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The Censor-in-chief Wang Wen-sheng, grand coordinator of Yun-nan, memorialized:

"On hearing that the Court was despatching troops to carry out punishment, Mo Deng-yong secretly sent his false subprefectural magistrates Ruan Jing and Pei Xing-jian to spy on the stockades at Mt. Na-geng and Man-mi and in the Five Territories. These spies were captured by the native-official ruling family member Dao Xian, the stockade head Li Meng-yuan and the Jiao person Huang Ming-zhe, who had all come to allegiance. They also captured a seal of Sui-fu Subprefecture and a book of falsely-compiled Great Instructions."

The Emperor held that as Mo Deng-yong had rebelled and usurped power in the country, had taken it upon himself to issue Great Instructions, had secretly arranged to take on a reign title and had turned his back on the Court in rebellion, his crimes could not be pardoned. Further Imperial orders were sent to the grand defenders and grand coordinators of Yun-nan and Guang-dong/Guang-xi requiring them to act in accordance with previous Imperial orders, to make plans in all respects, to coordinate their strengths for an expedition and to ensure the capture of the criminals. Dao Xian, Huang Ming-zhe and Li Meng-yuan were each given headwear and belts. They were also each rewarded with 30 liang of silver and two biao-li of variegated silks. Imperial orders of reward and encouragement were also conferred upon the Regional Commander Mu Chao-fu and Wen-sheng.

Shi-zong: juan 203.2b-3a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 80, page 4250/51

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