Jia-jing: Year 30, Month 3, Day 16

21 Feb 1551

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It was ordered that [Mo] Hong-yi, the son of Mo Fu-hai, the deceased Commander of the Annam Commandery, inherit his father's post. Previously, Fu-hai died and Hong-yi, as a son of the primary wife, was the appropriate heir. However, the clansman Mo Zheng-zhong and others, taking advantage of Hong-yi being a juvenile, secretly plotted to seize power, and the officials Fan Zi-yi and others helped them. The loyal minor official Li Bo-li and others used troops to protect him and Hong-yi was thus saved from death. Zheng-zhong's plans were finished and his strength exhausted and he fled to China where it was Imperially ordered that he be temporarily settled. Zi-yi also secretly resided in Yong-an and other places, and then after a time, again attacked and harassed the inner territory and, by artful claims, produced delusion and disorder. Not long after, Hong-yi submitted a memorial and offered tribute. Subsequently, he captured Zi-yi and others and sent their heads to demonstrate his achievements. He also requested that Zheng-zhong be sent back so that good relations could be complete. It was only at this time that the Court became aware that Hong-yi was not in difficulties and thus the grand coordinator and grand defender of Guang-dong/Guang-xi were ordered to carry out another investigation and advise. At this time, the Military Superintendent and Vice Minister Yong Yan and others memorialized, saying:

"We have investigated Hong-yi, and the relationships and hereditary precedence are clear. He should be permitted to inherit the post. The products originally sent in tribute should only be presented after he has inherited the post. As to the rebellious bandit Fan Zi-yi and so on, they have been captured and presented by Hong-yi and the latter's reverence and diligence have thereby been seen. He should be rewarded. However as to the request to have Zheng-zhong sent back to Annam, it is of concern that, as Hong-yi has only just inherited the post and his authority is not firm, further troubles might occur. We should keep him settled in the former place and wait until Hong-yi has been ruling for a few years. Only then should he be sent back and should they be permitted to make arrangements."

The Ministry of War re-submitted the memorial supporting what had been proposed. The Emperor ordered that Hong-yi be permitted to inherit the post of Commander and take on the protection of the Imperially-conferred seal. All the other matters were approved. Not long after, the Regional Inspecting Censor Xiao Shi-yan memorialized a record of the achievements by the various officials in the capture of Zi-yi. The Minister of War re-submitted the memorial proposing the issue of rewards. The Emperor said:

"Fan Zi-yi, this straitened bandit of Annam, harassed and brought harm to our borders. The various officials were unable to immediately eliminate or pacify him and thus the government troops were mobilized against him. The costs were not small. Although he has been captured, and rewards can be approved, it was Hong-yi who presented him. How can all be considered to have realized achievements and be rewarded! The military headquarters is to be instructed to reward and show sympathy only for the officials who commanded troops and those who died in battle. In future, in recording achievements, there should be careful consideration of what is appropriate. The display of grace should not be excessive."

Shi-zong: juan 371.8a-b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 86, page 6635/36

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