Cheng-hua: Year 11, Month 5, Day 6

9 Jun 1475

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The chief envoy Duan Ma-mi, the deputy envoy and others who had been sent by the country of Melaka, presented a gold-leaf memorial as well as elephants, horses, cassowaries, white parrots, gold coins, leopards and other products. A banquet as well as suits of clothing and biao-li of variegated silks were conferred upon them. They were also given variegated silks, silk gauzes and brocades to confer, on their return, upon the king of their country, the king's consort and the king's son, as appropriate. Further, they were ordered to take Imperial orders of instruction for the king of the country Su-dan Mang-su Sha. The orders read: "Recently, the Court sent a supervising secretary and other officials to Champa, but they were blown by the wind to your country. You, king, sent people to provide them with food and thereby you truly demonstrated your sincere sentiments. Now, as your envoy is returning, I am especially conferring upon you, king, two biao-li of variegated silks as a reward. These are for your receipt."

Xian-zong: juan 141.2b-3a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 45, page 2624/25

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Su-dan Mang-su Sha is Sultan Mansor Shah?

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