Cheng-hua: Year 15, Month 10, Day 3

17 Oct 1479

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Ava-Burma sought the territory of Gong-zhang in Meng-yang, but the request was not granted. The Ava-Burma Pacification Superintendent Bu-la-lang and others memorialized:

"Formerly, when Si Ren-fa of Lu-chuan rebelled, the Court issued orders noting that whoever could capture him would be given the land of Lu-chuan and Meng-yang. Later, we (臣) captured Si Ren-fa as well as his wife and children, and presented them. However, the land was not conferred upon us. Now Si Hong-fa also wishes to seize the territory of Gong-zhang. Gong-zhang is the place where we Ava-Burma people berth when we go to the Court to offer tribute. It is requested that this area be given to Ava-Burma. Also, it is requested that Li Rang, the reservist military officer of the Jin-chi Guard, who has been sent, be appointed as a "capped-and-belted" local commander and assigned to our service (以備役使)."

The Minister of War Yu Zi-jun and others held:

"The family members of Si Ren-fa have been pardoned their involvement in his crimes. No transgression by Si Hong-fa has been reported. How can we take away his land? Li Rang is a Chinese person. If he is to be given to them as a local commander, he will be changed into a yi. The request should not be allowed."

The Emperor ordered the Minister of War to instruct the envoys as follows:

"The Court looks on all equally and does not differentiate between the Chinese and the yi. It will not punish those who it has pardoned and who have not again committed crimes. As you have to pass through Gong-zhang in Meng-yang when coming to Court to offer tribute, an Imperial command has been sent to the ministers on the borders, requiring them to instruct Si Hong-fa that whenever your envoys are passing through he must not obstruct them. Li Rang is permitted to take on this post, but only to accompany your envoys to the Court and back again. You are not to allow evil persons to engage in activities which violate the laws and regulations. You are to manifest and concern yourself with my Will and are not to have further expectations."

Xian-zong: juan 195.1b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 47, page 3436

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