Cheng-hua: Year 15, Month 5, Day 17

6 Jun 1479

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The attendant minister Chen Zhong-li and others from the country of Annam memorialized:

"The route by which we came to offer tribute passed through Guang-xi. As Li Guang-ning, the native-official magistrate of Ping-xiang County and Zhao Yuan-huai, the native-official magistrate of Long Subprefecture nursed old resentments, they obstructed us at many places. However, the regional inspector, the grand defender and other officials did not investigate the matter or punish the offenders."

The memorial was sent to the Ministry of Rites which responded, stating:

"Previously, on the basis of a memorialized request by the attendant minister from Annam, a Messenger was sent to escort them to the border. Now, Zhong-li has also spoken of this. We should send people to accompany him, like before, so that all will be in their place and so that anger and resentment are not given rise to. Further, the various subprefectures and counties should be warned that in future, when an envoy from Annam is coming to offer tribute, if anyone obstructs him, they will certainly be punished."

This was Imperially approved.

Xian-zong: juan 190.5a-b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 47, page 3383/84

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