Cheng-hua: Year 7, Month Intercalary 9, Day 14

27 Oct 1471

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The chieftain Zhao Sao and others who had been sent by the Che-li and the Ba-bai/Da-dian Military and Civilian Pacification Superintendencies in Yun-nan, come to Court and offered tribute of elephants, horses, gold and silver utensils and other goods. A banquet as well as clothing, variegated silks and other goods, as appropriate, were conferred upon them. Further, Zhao Sao and the others were given Imperial orders as well as patterned brocades and variegated silks to confer, on their return, upon their native officials and their wives.

Xian-zong: juan 96.2a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 43, page 1831

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"Superintendency" should read "Superintendencies"