Chong-zhen: Year 13, Month 10, Day 6

18 Nov 1640

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Zhang Jin-yan, chief supervising secretary in the Office of Scrutiny for War memorialized:

"The Guang-xi Grand Coordinator Lin Zhi has, on behalf of the Annam chieftain Zheng Zhuang, submitted a request for enfeoffment as king. I note that after Mo Deng-yong usurped power through rebellion, Annam was downgraded to a Commandery. Subsequently, Li Ning resided at the Qi-ma River and continued the sacrifices to the Li ancestors. When Li Wei-tan drove the Mos away and annually offered tribute of local products, the spirits and the ancestors were pleased with his loyalty and obedience, and he was allowed to inherit the post of Commander. What is the basis for the current request for enfeoffment? The Court has cared for and protected the small country of Annam and has not been ungenerous in showing great concern for it. However, the reckless yi now want to take advantage of this. How can we accord with their request and allow Zheng Zhuang to attain his desires? He would subsequently act in a cruel and overbearing and the troubles would extend to China's territory. He wishes to obtain the enfeoffment document in order to satisfy his avaricious heart. How can this be allowed!"

The Emperor assented to this.

Chong-zhen: juan 13.10a Supplement

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 1, page 389

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