Jia-jing: Year 12, Month 9, Day 12

29 Sep 1533

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The Ministry of War advised:

"Zhe-jiang and Fu-jian are both territories bounded by the sea. In years past, the people of Zhang-zhou privately built large double-masted ships, employed military weapons and gunpowder without permission and went trading in violation of the prohibitions. Thereby, plundering and banditry occurred. Subsequently, repeated Imperial proclamations were issued strictly prohibiting this. However, the officials have neglected their duties and the laws have been less strictly applied over time, resulting in disorderly activities like before and the frequent occurrence of maritime alarms. It is requested that the prohibitions be again promulgated."

The Emperor said:

"The pirate calamities are all resultant from residents violating the prohibitions and engaging in trade, the officials being lax in their duties and the Imperial commands being neglected and not heeded. Further, the military patrolling officials in the coastal regions do not remain in and defend their assigned areas. Thus pirates breed and harm is brought to the areas. The Ministry of War is to promptly send instructions to the various officials in Zhe-jiang, Fu-jian and Guang-dong/Guang-xi requiring them to supervise the troops in guarding against disturbances. Every one of the large ships which violate the prohibitions is to be destroyed. Further, it is to be advised that in future when coastal troops or civilians privately trade with pirates, and their neighbours do not advise of the fact, the latter will be considered to be involved in the crime. The various regional inspecting censors are to swiftly investigate the officials who have been lax in respect of the pirates and allowed the manufacture of ocean-going ships over the last few years, and advise of their names."

Shi-zong: juan 154.4b-5a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 78, page 3488/89

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