Jia-jing: Year 15, Month 11, Day 3

16 Nov 1536

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Formerly, when the Emperor ascended the throne, an envoy was sent to issue a proclamation of instruction to Annam. As the road was obstructed, the envoy were unable to reach there and returned. At this time, on the birth of the Emperor's son, there was an Imperial order noting that it was again appropriate to send an envoy to issue a proclamation of instruction. The Ministry of Rites advised:

"It is now 20 years since Annam last carried out its tribute duties. In the past, the defence officials of Guang-dong/Guang-xi advised that neither Li Hui nor Li Kuang were due heirs to Li Zhou, that Mo Deng-yong and Chen Hao were usurpers and rebellious bandits and that it was appropriate to send an envoy to conduct investigations and enquire in respect of the chief criminals, so that Heaven's punishment could be carried out. Also, recently, the defence officials in Yun-nan advised that the Annam fugitive Wu Yan-wei and others had violated Imperial orders and seized a native official, and noted that it was appropriate that a thorough investigation be carried out. The envoy previously despatched could not reach Annam as the roads were blocked. We should not send any orders for the moment. Thereby, we will maintain the integrity of the state's propriety."

The Emperor said:

"The envoy carrying the Imperial proclamation to Annam could not get through and that country has long not brought tribute. Their rebellion is obvious. Quickly send an envoy to investigate the situation. As to the matter of a punitive expedition, speedily deliberate on this with the Ministry of War and advise."

Shi-zong: juan 193.1b-2a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 80, page 4070/71

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