Jing-tai: Year 6, Month 6, Day 18

2 Jul 1455

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Imperial orders were issued to Dao Ban-ya-zhe, the pacification superintendent of the Laos Military and Civilian Pacification Superintendency; Dao Ba-xian, the pacification superintendent of the Che-li Military and Civilian Superintendency; Dao Zhao Meng-lu, the pacification superintendent of the Ba-bai/Da-dian Military and Civilian Pacification Superintendency; and Dao Le-si, the pacification commissioner of the Nan Dian Pacification Commission, all in Yun-nan. The orders read:

"You have for generations protected the Southern borders, firmly carried out your duties as ministers and repeatedly sent tribute to the Court. Recently, you again sent the chieftain Nai Wu and others to come and offer tribute of local products. Your loyalty and sincerity are pleasing and I am especially conferring on you brocaded silks in recompense for your sentiments. The gold warrants, verification tallies and tally-slip books which were previously conferred on your regions have, through the fighting and killing, been burnt and destroyed. Under the law, it is difficult to forgive this. However, considering that you have been able to carry out your tribute duties, I am making special arrangements that this not be investigated. I am also conferring replacements upon you. If in future there is similar negligence, the punishment will not be light."

At this time, Dao Gai-han, the native-official magistrate of Wei-yuan Subprefecture, accompanied Nai Wu and so on to Court to offer tribute. It was thus ordered that he govern the people of the subprefecture and be given a gold warrant, a verification tally and patterned fine silks interwoven with gold thread. Imperial orders of instruction were also conferred upon him and he was sent back.

Ying-zong: juan 254.5a-b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 35, page 5485/86

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