Yong-le: Year 1, Month 9, Day 15

1 Oct 1403

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The eunuch Ma Bin and others were sent as envoys to Java to confer a silver seal plated in gold and 30 bolts of patterned fine silks and variegated silks upon the Western king Du-ma-ban, and also to confer Imperial orders of instruction upon him. The instructions read:

"I reverently received my ancestor's instructions and swept away all the internal troubles. Soon after I ascended the throne, you sent a person to present a memorial and to offer tribute to the Court. I was pleased with this and am especially sending an envoy to confer upon you a seal and presents. You should make further efforts to increase your virtue, protect your land and look after your people. You should not be idle or overbearing, and should constantly observe the need to be sincere in your service of the superior. In this way, prosperity will pass to your sons and grandsons and will be sustained for generations."

The Emperor also ordered Bin and the others to take Imperial proclamations and instructions to the kings of the various fan countries including Xi-yang and Samudera and to confer upon them patterned fine silks and silk gauzes. Previously, when Imperial envoys had gone to Champa, they had found there three Javanese who had been taken prisoner by Champa. The prisoners spoke with the envoys and subsequently followed them to China. The Emperor had said:

"All the yi of the islands are my subjects. How can I have them out of place?"

He ordered that they be cared for and treated well. At this time, clothing and travelling expenses were conferred upon them all and it was ordered that Bin escort them back to Java.

Tai-zong: juan 23.3a-b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 10, page 0421/22

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