Yong-le: Year 8, Month 7, Day 14

14 Aug 1410

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In Jiao-zhi, the following were established:

1. Commercial tax bureaus in Feng-hua Prefecture and Qing-hua Prefecture.

2. Medical schools in the prefectures of Liang River, San River and Qing-hua and in Kuai Subprefecture.

3. The Shi Bridge granary in Bei River Prefecture; the Qin-zhan granary in Liang River Prefecture; the Guang-ji granary in Feng-hua Prefecture; and the Feng-ying store in San River Prefecture.

4. Nine postal relay horse stations at Chang River in San-dai Subprefecture, Shi-lin in Gui-hua Subprefecture, Mao-a and Zhu-gui in An-li County, Mang-wan in Wen-pan County, Wen-pan and Gan-tang in Wen-zhen County, and Shui-wei and Ba-luo in Shui-wei County.

5. Three postal relay river stations at San River in San River Prefecture, Chen Hamlet in Tao River Subprefecture and Xia-hua in Xia-hua County.

6. Eleven police offices at Gu-dao Commandery in Qing-hua Prefecture, An-mo Sea-port, Xiao-an Sea-port and Da-wang Sea-port in An-mo County, Yi-peng River-port in An-ning County, Ye-yuan Tun (Alt: Liu-yuan Tun) in Xia-shan County, Tai-ping Estuary in Tai-ping County, Du-mai Hamlet in Shui-tang County, A-ge Tun in Wan-ning County, Zheng River Tun in Tong-li County and Zhai-ma in Guang-yuan Subprefecture.

7. Seven commercial tax offices at Zhuang Town in Ai Subprefecture, Da-bai Town in Gu-hong County, Qi-yuan Subprefecture and Gui-hua Subprefecture and the three counties of Wen-pan, Wen-zhen and Ma-long.

Zhi-e County in Ai Subprefecture, Gu-ping County in Jiu-zhen Subprefecture and Xi River County in Qing-hua Subprefecture were all absorbed into their respective subprefectures. The five police offices at Zhi-long Sea-port, Shen-tou Sea-port and Zhi-e Canal-port in Zhi-e County and at Pu-ba-lin Pass and Juan Huai Pass in Xi River County were all put under the jurisdiction of their respective subprefectures.

Tai-zong: juan 106.2b-3a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 12, page 1370/71

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