Zheng-tong: Year 1, Month 5, Day 25

9 Jun 1436

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The chief envoy Bu-sha-pa Ji-ge, the deputy envoy and others from the country of Champa took leave of the Court. They were ordered to take Imperial orders of instruction for their king. The orders read:

"You, king, have been capable in respecting Heaven and serving the superior. When my Imperial ancestors were on the throne, you respectfully fulfilled your tribute obligations and became increasingly reverent. I have now ascended the throne and you, king, have again sent an envoy to come to Court to offer tribute. This regard and diligence is highly commendable. Recently, an envoy from the country of Siam memorialized that in the fourth year of the Xuan-de reign (1429/30), their country sent an envoy with over 100 male and female fan attendants, and they set sail in a ship bearing the local products they were to offer in tribute. When they came to Xin-zhou Port in your country, they were detained by the people of your country. In the sixth year of the same reign (1431/32), when 20-plus government troops of those the Court had sent to the Western Ocean happened to meet strong winds and were blown in their ship to your country, they were also detained. When these orders arrive, you, king, are to immediately release and send back all the Siamese people and local products originally detained as well as the government troops who had been sent to the Western Ocean. In this way, all these people will be able to fulfil their desire to be re-united with their fathers, mothers, wives and children, and you, king, will long enjoy peace. If you do not do this, Heaven and Earth and the ghosts and spirits will indeed find it intolerable. You, king, should note this well and accord with my cherished hopes!"

In addition, decorated velvet brocades (粧花絨), ramie-silk, silk gauzes interwoven with gold thread, and variegated satins, as appropriate, were conferred upon the king and his consort.

Ying-zong: juan 17.9a-b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 22, page 0341/42

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