Zheng-tong: Year 6, Month 5, Day 13

1 Jun 1441

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The Yun-nan Regional Commander and Vice Commissioner-in-Chief Mu Ang memorialized:

"We have received the Imperial orders requiring us to advance this winter and eliminate the rebellious bandit Si Ren-fa and ordering us to store and transport 200,000 shi of grain to Jin-chi for military use. We devised plans and employed labour and have transported and stored the required quantity of grain by taking it from the stores of the various prefectures and taking two-tenths from the state farms of various guards in Yun-nan. Now, with what is stored at Jin-chi, what is en route and what is stored in the prefectures of Da-li, Yun-nan, Chu-xiong and Qu-jing, there is grain all along the route by which the Imperial army will pass. The volume of stored grain totals 409,329 shi."

He also memorialized:

"I previously sent the acting Assistant Commissioner Li Fu to lead 8,000 troops forward on patrol to Wan Dian. When the troops arrived at Lao-yao, the local chieftain (火頭) Mang Zhou and the interpreter Yang Xuan, brought 11 stockades, including Duo-si, to surrender. The local chieftain ( ) A Cha-si and others led the people of his 59 villages in coming to allegiance and then attacked the bandit's water forts in Zhen-kang Subprefecture and the Duo-si mountain forts, capturing them and taking the heads of the chieftain Kong-kang Dao Luan-cheng and over 50 bandit followers. When they arrived at Xi Dian, a strategic point for the bandits, they could not advance. They therefore divided the troops and attacked along three routes, capturing 12 of the bandit's forts, taking 150 heads and capturing their spears, armour, bows and crossbows. The various forts and the land was divided among the local chieftains (火頭) and native officials and given to them to guard. The government troops set up camp and have remained there for quite some time. Now, the weather is getting hotter and the land is releasing its miasmic vapours. It is proposed that they temporarily return to Jin-chi and engage in training. Then in the Autumn, they can proceed again."

The Emperor approved this.

Ying-zong: juan 79.4b-5a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 25, page 1562/63

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