Jia-jing: Year 16, Month 9, Day 6

9 Oct 1537

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Previously, as the Jiao person Wu Wen-yuan had brought his people to surrender, the Censor-in-chief Wang Wen-sheng sent the Commander Zhao Guang-zu and others to go to soothe and instruct them. Wen-yuan then sent the yi person Ruan Hong-gui and others to come and present military maps which made clear the chaotic situation in Annam. He said:

"Wen-yuan was a minister of the Lis for successive reigns. When Deng-yong rebelled, he left and occupied Xuan-guang. Several generations of the families of the former ministers Ruan Ren-lian and Li Jing-mei (Alt: Li Shu-mei) have also occupied areas and carried out attacks against Deng-yong. Wen-yuan has 10,000 troops and is waiting for the Imperial troops to move South. He will lead his younger brother Wu Zi-ling and other males relatives forward, encamp at Shi-long Pass and will accompany the army. Then he will summon the righteous men within the country, and Deng-yong will be defeated."

Wen-sheng and so on requested that Wen-yuan and the others be appointed as officials and be provided with Imperial orders of instruction to facilitate their actions. The Ministry of War advised:

"The truth or otherwise of their claims cannot be ascertained. If they are to be favoured with grace, it would be best to treat them in a way which will influence them. The provision of rewards to them should be considered."

The Emperor said:

"Wen-yuan has made a clean break in coming to allegiance. His inclination towards righteousness is praiseworthy. Headwear and a belt are to be conferred upon him. Also, insignia and robes of a civil official of the fourth rank are to be conferred upon him and he is to be rewarded with silver and patterned silks. Headwear and belts are to be conferred upon Zi-ling and so on, while silver and silks are to be conferred upon Zhao Guang-zu and the others."

Shi-zong: juan 204.1b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 80, page 4262

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