Yong-le: Year 4, Month 4, Day 18

6 May 1406

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Dao Song-da and other chieftains who had been sent by Dao Xian-da and other pacification superintendents of the regions of Che-li, Mu-bang and Lu-chuan, offered tribute of horses. Silver, paper money, brocaded fine silks and silk gauzes, as appropriate, as well as sets of clothing made of silk gauze interwoven with gold thread were conferred upon Dao Xian-da and the others, while paper money and silks were conferred upon Dao Song-da and so on. Dao Xian-da also sent his son Dao Dian (Alt: Dao Xing) and requested that he receive education at the Directorate of Education. Formerly, the Court had sent envoys to punish Ba-bai and the Yuan-jiang Military and Civilian Prefecture sent people to assist in transporting grain supplies. When they arrived in Che-li territory they were obstructed by those guarding the territory. At the time, Dao Xian-da was participating in the expedition against Ba-bai and thus the obstruction had not been expected. However, Che-li had been worried that Yuan-jiang was going to incite troubles. Thus, Dao Xian-da sent Dian under the pretext of receiving education, as a hostage, in the hope that the Court would not be suspicious of him. The Emperor understood his intentions and thus instructed the Ministry of Rites, saying:

"Hostages are pitiful things. I promote sincerity in my treatment of people and do not want this."

He also called in Dian and instructed him, saying:

"You have come from the distance to seek learning. This is a wonderful intention. However, you being 10,000 li away will cause your father and mother sadness day and night. I could not bear that. The major things to be learned in study are loyalty and filial respect. You should return, treat your father and mother well, always maintain in your heart a great loyalty to the Court above and sympathy for all the people below. This is learning. On your return, you will say to your father that I am fully aware of his respectful desire to serve the Court. As long as he remains constantly thus, no-one else will be able to cause rifts."

Subsequently, clothing, paper money and silks were conferred upon Dian. Further, the Ministry of Rites was ordered to arrange for him to return together with the tribute envoys.

Tai-zong: juan 53.3b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 11, page 794

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