Zheng-de: Year 2, Month 12, Day 11

13 Jan 1508

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The Eunuch Director Cui An (Alt: Sun An), grand defender of Yun-nan, and the Qian-guo Duke Mu Kun, regional commander of Yun-nan, memorialized:

"The Eunuch Director Zhang Cheng, grand defender of Jin-chi/Teng-chong, has received Imperial orders to collect strange and wonderful things, gold, silver, pearls and other goods. If he intends to expend silver from the official treasury, he should be informed that all that remains in the treasury at Jin-chi/Teng-chong of the silver from the public fields (公樣田), receipts of silver in lieu of grain tax and confiscated property and fines is 10,000 liang. If he intends to send officials deep into the yi areas such as Meng-yang, Ava-Burma, Meng-mi, Mu-bang and Meng-nai, he should be informed that at present the various yi are feuding with and killing each other and although they have been soothed and subject to investigation, they are not at peace. We are afraid that it will be difficult to guard against scounderels, and trouble could easily erupt."

The Ministry of Revenue re-submitted the memorial with its deliberations:

"Cheng previously received Imperial orders but he should not, on this basis, be permitted to give such trouble to the people. Permission is requested to send a despatch to the grand defender and grand coordinator noting that the accumulated salt revenue stored in the provincial administration commission and the silver received from the public fields and held in the various treasuries only be expended within the country (內地) and that things should be purchased at current prices."

This was approved.

Wu-zong: juan 33.3b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 63, page 808

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