Site Report on the Fort Canning Dig 2018 (September 2–November 4) and Two Subsequent Visits

Goh Geok Yian, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, and John N. Miksic, National University of Singapore

13 May 2021

  • Text: Goh Geok Yian and John Miksic
  • Charts, Diagrams and Tables: Goh Geok Yian
  • Images: Goh Geok Yian and John Miksic
  • Data Entry and labelling of artefacts: NTU undergraduate student research assistants: Caroline Ang Leng Lee, Muhammad Hafiz bin Mohamad, Gavin Goh, Ng Yun Xuan, Sxuann Sim Mei Xuan, Inna Haziqah, and Tham Ki Yee; and PhD student, Alasdair Chi.

Acknowledgements: The team would like to acknowledge the National Parks Board of Singapore (NParks), especially Mr Koh Poo Kiong, Dr Chng Mun Wye and their colleagues for their help in facilitating the archaeological work done in 2018 and 2019 and for their support for archaeology on Fort Canning Hill. We also thank the National Heritage Board for supporting the post-excavation analysis of the artefacts from this work as part of the NHB Heritage Research Grant awarded to the Primary Investigator (PI) and Co-Ivestigator (Co-I).