Statistics of the PSG Artifacts

Goh Geok Yian, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, and John N. Miksic, National University of Singapore & Nanyang Technological University Singapore

13 August 2021

The statistics presented are gathered from 77.4 percent of the artifacts in the PSG collection (5,877 items out of a total of 7,592, the remainder of which have not been analyzed at the time of writing).

The following tree diagram shows the relative proportions of artifacts by type of material in this report and database:

The following two pie charts provide a summary of the percentages of the type of ware by number of sherds and by weight in grams. The greater proportions of Chinese ware (porcelain and stoneware) reflect the greater representation of these types of artifacts at the Pulau Saigon site, but one should take caution that as there was no excavation undertaken, the proportions may also demonstrate the collection bias.

The relative proportion of different sub-types of European porcelains are presented in the following pie chart:

The relative proportions of sub-types of Chinese porcelain are also presented in the following pie chart:

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