Hong-zhi: Year 12, Month 6, Day 21

28 Jul 1499

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Gu-lai, king of the country of Champa, memorialized:

"The area of Xin-zhou Port in our country has long been occupied by Annam. They have killed and seized people and the calamities continue without end. I am now old. It is requested that although I have not yet died, it be ordered that my eldest son Sha-gu-bu-luo inherit the fief, so that in future days he can protect the area of Xin-zhou Port."

The Emperor ordered the officials of the Ministry of Rites and the Ministry of War to jointly deliberate on measures and advise. They unanimously held:

"Annam is the bane of Champa and has been so for a long period. The Court has, on the basis of Champa's plaints, repeatedly sent Imperial orders admonishing and instructing [Annam]. Also, defence officials have been ordered to impress upon Annam the Great Precepts of Right Conduct and have warned them about what brings calamity and what brings prosperity. However, Annam has all along memorialized that they have respectfully carried out the Imperial orders and all the land and people have been returned, but that beyond the four subprefectures of Sheng, Hua, Si and Yi, the territory is occupied by native chieftains who have carved out their own domains and that Annam has not interfered. However, while Annam's explanation was being made, Champa's words of plaint and accusation also arrived. It appears that it is an intractable situation. It is requested that the defence officials be again ordered to send a despatch of strict instruction to Annam, requiring it to refrain from coveting the land of others, as by such coveting it will bring calamity upon itself. If they do not listen, we should consider sending an army to punish them. As to the eldest son of the king of Champa, as the father is still alive, the fief cannot be inherited. It is requested that the son first be appointed as heir in control of national affairs and that, at a later time, when it is appropriate for him to inherit the fief, he should request enfeoffment in accordance with the precedents."

This was approved.

Xiao-zong: juan 151.8b-9a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 27, page 2674/75

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