Hong-zhi: Year 2, Month 11, Day 18

10 Dec 1489

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Under the old regulations, Sa-ma-er-han always came to offer tribute through Gan-su, where the mission was examined and sent on. At this time, the envoys who had been sent by the king A-hei-ma, came on the route from the country of Melaka, to offer lions, parrots and other goods. When they reached Guang-zhou, the regional commander and the grand defender of Guang-dong/Guang-xi advised. The Emperor stated:

"I will not accept presents of rare birds and exotic animals. The fan envoys are villainous and guileful and they have not come along the regular route. Immediately send officials to stop them and send them back. The Guang-dong grand defender and grand coordinator have violated regulations by sending them on. They should be punished. However, I am leniently pardoning them, but the Ministry of Rites is to send a despatch of instruction to them."

The Ministry of Rites re-submitted its deliberations:

"Although the yi envoys have violated regulations in coming to offer tribute, they cannot be refused. That would be excessive. They should be provided with small rewards and it may also be considered providing biao-li of variegated silks and other goods for them to confer, on their return home, upon A-hei-ma to reward his thoughts, so that he will know of the Court's benevolence in treating those from the distance with kindness."

This was approved.

Xiao-zong: juan 32.4a-b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 52, page 0717/18

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