Hong-zhi: Year 3, Month 7, Day 26

11 Aug 1490

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Previously, Tu Yong, a censor-in-chief (Alt: an assistant censor-in-chief) of the Censorate had been ordered to proceed to Guang-dong to make appropriate arrangements in the Champa matter. When he was about to return home, Gu-lai, the king of the country, sent an envoy Ban-ba-di and others to express gratitude for Imperial grace. He also brought gharu-wood (su) and other goods as presents for Yong. It was Imperially ordered that Yong accept them. Yong requested permission to refuse, but this was not allowed. Yong again submitted a memorial, saying:

"In the past, I made arrangements as the circumstances required. Although I devoted my unworthy energies to this, all I was doing was following orders. I was actually only carrying out Your Majesty's plans. The fact that it has now been possible for Champa to rise again after being destroyed is entirely due to the Emperor's majesty and virtuous power. How could I have had the power to do this! It is of course fitting that Gu-lai's sons and grandsons should make efforts to repay the Court's kindness and virtuous power. But how can I be deserving of gratitude! I am an Imperial censor and a censor's strength lies in discipline. If I receive the presents of gratitude, they will later be spread all around and be handed down by my descendants. They are not due to my glory, but to the Court's efforts. I dare not receive the presents offered."

The Emperor allowed his refusal. At this time, the Champa envoys had not long departed on their return journey. The Ministry of Rites requested that persons be sent to pursue them and to return the gifts to the, so that the rulers and ministers of the foreign countries would know that our senior ministers could be so self-controlled (自處). This was approved.

Xiao-zong: juan 40.9a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 53, page 845

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