Jia-jing: Year 9, Month 1, Day 19

16 Feb 1530

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Previously, there had been Imperial orders issued requiring the procurement (採辦) of precious stones from Yun-nan. The Regional Inspecting Censor Liu Nie subsequently advised:

"The region of Meng-mi has precious stone mines and these are controlled by the native chieftain Si Zhen. This region has dealings with the ships of the Western Ocean fan and they mine these stones and make large profits. This chieftain is actually the remnant spawn of those who rebelled and established themselves as rulers. He has forcibly occupied this territory and, relying on his wealth and might, has swallowed up Ava-Burma, Mu-bang and Meng-yang and moved close to Teng-chong, so as to spy on the situation within our borders. He is more crafty than any of the other yi. In recent years, those engaged in the purchase of the precious stones have been obstructed and hindered. Further, the region is extremely miasmic and the customs are obnoxious. In previous years many of the people who went to obtain the stones were injured. Only after decades of soothing are these yi now beginning to accord. Although the Court has pardoned their crimes, the yi's nature is unpredictable. If people are again sent to obtain precious stones, it may again provoke them to become violent and rebellious. The procurement of precious stones should be temporarily stopped for three or four years and then, after the yi's hearts are settled, further purchases can be arranged."

The Ministry of Revenue re-submitted the memorial. It was ordered that the activities should continue as before in accordance with the previous Imperial orders.

Shi-zong: juan 109.6b-7a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 76, page 2570/71

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