Jia-jing: Year 9, Month 2, Day 17

16 Mar 1530

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The Ministry of War advised:

"Since the Tian-shun reign (1457-64), the regulations by which the native officials inherit or take over posts have not been uniform. In respect of those who are to inherit or take over posts and should be sent to the capital, in some cases the due heir is noted in a register and this is sent to the higher authorities and, when the incumbent dies, the person noted in the register is sent to the capital. In other cases, they receive orders and take on the headwear and belt locally. When areas are distressed or suffer calamities, some native officials are ordered to provide grain to relieve the distress, while other do not have to provide grain. As to the sending of native officials to the ministries, some, because they live far in the distance or their area is not at peace, are exempted from coming to the capital, and are allowed to take on the headwear and belt locally and provide grain like before. Some, because of their efforts or achievements, are also allowed to inherit or take over posts locally. However, on the advice of a single person or as an expedient measure, the old regulations are being ignored and confused. If there are no firm regulations to adhere to, greedy persons will take advantage of this to act in evil ways. This is not the way to administer the state. When the Collected Statutes are being revised, unified regulations should be set down. It is requested that we be permitted to discuss this with the Ministry of Personnel, so that detailed proposals can be submitted."

This was approved.

* A further related memorial can be found at Shi-zong juan 112.14b-15a.

Shi-zong: juan 110.11a-b

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 76, page 2605/06

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