Wan-li: Year 44, Month 7, Day 20

31 Aug 1616

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Yu Mao-zi, a supervising secretary in the Office of Scrutiny for Rites, memorialized urging the exposing of heterodox beliefs and the strict enforcement of the maritime prohibitions. In brief what he stated was as follows:

"Since Li Ma-dou of Xi-yang came to offer tribute, China has had the doctrine of the `Lord of Heaven'. Unexpectedly, he remained in the capital. Now, Wang Feng-su and Yang Ma-nuo have deluded no fewer than 10,000 of the people, while they have thousands of persons praying on the full and new moons. There is a prohibition against communication with the yi and a prohibition against heretical doctrines. Yet, these persons have had those in the south meet at night and disperse during the day. Even the White Lotus Sect is not as evil as they are. How can they be exempted execution for the crime of spreading heretical doctrines? They have had their assistants and spies going backwards and forwards, and they have been plotting with the "bay yi" of Hao-jing. How can their execution for communication with the fan be delayed? Thus, today, breaking up gangs and sects and strictly defending the border passes are indeed major avenues by which to guard against problems which are only just sprouting."

There was no response to the memorial.

Shen-zong: juan 547.6a

Zhong-yang Yan-jiu yuan Ming Shi-lu, volume 120, page 10369

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